Speedy Stitcher

This very useful tool is basically a hand operated sewing machine, and is suitable for most fabrics and leather. It is supplied with a bobbin of waxed thread, one bent needle and one straight one and full instructions. Sold singularly, they are available in a display box of 6.

Speedy Stitcher Kit

Now available in kit form for convenience and economy.
Contains the following items:

1 x Sewing awl
2 x straight needles
2 x curved needles
1 x bobbin thread
1 x cop of heavy thread 180 yards (164mtrs)

Leather Sailmakers Palms

Daveys seaming palms are available in three qualities, ‘best’ and ‘store’, with a tied back, or lightweight, with an adjustable buckle. Roping palms, with extended thumb guard, come in ‘best’ and ‘store’ quality. All palms, except the lightweight versions, are lined with hide. Available in left or right hand.

Sailmakers Needles-Reduced Edge

Best forged cast steel sailmakers needles, with proven triangular section, that are easy to use and will not damage the cloth. Packed in either 25 of a size or in an assortment of 5 or 20 needles.


Treating thread with beeswax helps to keep it waterproof and gives it extra strength. Also can be used to waterproof shoes and fabrics.

Sold in 35 gram bars.

Caulking Irons - Hand Forged

We have a range of carbon steel caulking irons, which are light and comfortable to hold for long periods. A variety of sizes are available to suit the required seam widths.

Caulking Mallet

Made from hard wood, this is the ideal mallet for use with the above caulking irons. Head length 10½” (270mm)

Easy Splice Marlin Spike

This unique splicing tool is stamped from solid brass for
strength. It’s clever design allows it to be used as marlin spike or a fid.

Marlin Spike

Best steel pointed spikes with black grip and hole.

Swedish Fids

Stainless steel hollow spike with wooden handle.


A range of high quality knives made in the heart of England’s steel city of Sheffield.

Green River Knife

With 5″ (125mm) carbon steel blade, hardwood handle and leather sheath.

Heavy Duty Riggers Knife

With a thick carbon steel 51⁄2″ (140mm) long blade and shaped hardwood handle.

2-Piece Yachtsman’s Kit

Stainless steel knife and marlin spike shackle key. Complete with leather sheath.

Lockspike Captain Knife

A heavy duty, traditionally made, stainless steel pocket knife with a 65mm blade and lockable spike, large capacity shackle key (for pin heads up to 9mm), bottle opener and white cotton lanyard.

Lockspike Bosun Knife

Very practical all stainless steel knife with locking spike, 65mm blade and shackle key slot. Complete with white cotton lanyard.

Lockspike Deckhand Knife

All stainless steel knife, lightweight and compact for ease of carrying and use. Fitted 65mm locking blade and shackle key slot. Complete with white cotton lanyard.


A range of strong, general purpose scrapers.

Chipping Hammer

Chipping hammer, 1lb (500grams) with 12″ (300mm) wooden handle.