Custom Work

The skills and knowledge that enables us to produce our own range of products is now frequently in demand for custom work and refurbishment.  From drawings or broken fittings, we can produce patterns and manufacture products exactly as required.  These same processes can be used to bring original fittings back to a high standard to enhance restoration projects. Below are just a few of our
recent commissions.


From an idea and sketches for a new Hans Christian 41 Traditional yacht…

Finished Product

…and produced a new set in bronze to fit his stern & rudder


We made patterns from the dimensions of the
owner’s old steel rudder gear….

Replacement Parts

…and produced a new set in bronze to fit his stern & rudder


Refurbishing is the process of restoring an item to like-new condition. This can involve cleaning, repairing, replacing parts, or painting.


Rechroming is a process of restoring or changing the appearance of metal items by applying a new layer of chrome. Chrome is a shiny metal that is often used to make things look nice and shiny. Rechroming involves removing the old layer of chrome and applying a new layer to restore the item to its original look.

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