Boat Care

Jeffery's No.2 Black Marine Glue

This traditional product, now owned by Davey & Company, has been the premier choice for traditional deck seaming around the world for decades.

Still produced in England from the original formula, it is as reliable today as throughout the last century. It will adhere tenaciously to the seam for many years, remaining flexible in low temperatures and withstanding softening at high temperatures.

To apply, once carefully heated to a working temperature of around 370 degrees F (190 degrees C) it can be poured onto the prepared seams. Two applications are needed to ensure that all steam and air are released. Average usage 1kg to 10 metre run.

Part No. 5025/00/0125 12.5 kg (271⁄2 lbs)
Part No. 5025/00/025 25.0 kg (55 lbs)


Best navy oakum steeped in Stockholm Tar. Generally used for caulking below the waterline, due to its high durability.

Part No. 1569/00/04 4 kg coil
Part No. 1569/00/12 12 kg box

Caulking Cotton

Soft, top quality caulking cotton made up of 8 strands totalling an uncompressed diameter of approximately 5⁄16” (8mm). Supplied in balls of 1⁄2 kilo.

Part No. 1570

Red Lead Powder

A bright orange powder with strong preservative properties. When mixed with linseed-oil putty it makes ‘red lead putty’ for use as stopping in seams below the waterline on wooden craft.

An appropriate ratio of 16 parts putty to 1 part red lead powder is about the right proportions, with linseed oil added to modify the mixture to the required consistency.

Gripfast Nails

Made from Silicon bronze and with ribbed/ringed shanks these nails give excellent grip in to the timber. Other sizes are available.

Sold per KG


A high performance metal cleaner and polish ideally suited to bronze, brass, copper, stainless steel, aluminium, chrome and other marine metals. Its smooth paste formula is easy to apply accurately and when removed leaves a shiny surface and protective film, which delays re-tarnishing. Even heavily tarnished fittings can be restored. The handy 170 gram tub is long lasting as Daveyshine is used sparingly and the wide tub opening allows every last gram to be used.

Key Features:
• Cleans and polishes in one product
• Leaves protective coating
• Non-toxic, non-abrasive, non-inflammable
• No harsh acids, caustics or abrasives
Part No. 5010/00/170

• Low allergic risk
• Non spill formula & tub
• Also excellent for restoring fibreglass, plexiglass,
eisenglass and lexan.


Lanoguard is an all-purpose anti-corrosive, lubricant and water proofing agent that delivers superb results in a wide variety of applications. It can be used on metals, leather, plastics and other materials such as fibreglass. Its principal ingredient is lanolin (wool grease), a natural oil that has been used throughout the centuries for the protection of weapons, leather and marine equipment. The combination of natural lanolin and today’s technology makes Lanoguard’s uses almost limitless.

Key Features:
• Tenacious lubricant
• Rust inhibitor/anti-seize
• Long lasting protector
• Non conductive

• Outstanding waterproofing
• Safe for leather, vinyl and rubber
• Environmentally friendly
• Non toxic and non carcinogenic Part

Part No. 5057/OO/050 500ml Liquid Spray Refill

Part No. 5057/OO/200 2 Litre Liquid Spray Refill

Part No. 5057/OO/500 5 Litre Liquid Spray Refill

Part No. 5056/SPRAY/500 500ml Spray Head for bottle

Part No. 5056/SPRAY/UNI Universal Professional Spray head (Cut to length)

The Lanoguard Boat Care Starter Kit comprises Marine Spray
500ml together with Marine Grease 250ml and a trigger sprayer.

Part No. 5055/OO/STR

The Lanoguard Boat Trailer Kit comprises the Marine Spray 2L together with the Marine Grease 600ml and spray-kit

Part No. 5055/OO/KIT

Lanoguard Grease
Ideal for all marine applications including stern glands, linkages, sea cocks etc.

Part No. 5055/OO/060 600ml Grease

Stockholm Tar

A strongly preservative thick liquid used to preserve natural cordage and timber. Traditionally used to coat servings on rigging and is the substance added to oakum to stop it rotting. Worth having for the wonderful smell alone.