Rigging & Sail Handling

Wykeham Martin Furling Gear

In continuous production for over 100 years, this traditional furling gear has been successfully fitted to thousands of boats worldwide. Cast in bronze from the original patterns, the parts are carefully machined, polished and assembled by English craftsmen to produce a beautiful and efficient furling system. Fitted with stainless steel thrust races to ensure free running and easy sail furling. An information leaflet is available on request. Service kits available.

Highfields Pattern Running Backstay Lever

Sliding Gooseneck

This all brass dinghy fitting consists of a spike on a gooseneck with tangs and thumb screw for adjustment. 

Supplied with 12” (300mm) of brass internal track, size 5⁄8” (16mm).

Halfband & Spike

Cast in gunmetal. Works with the Davey boom fittings

Boom Fittings

Tack and clew fittings cast in gunmetal. The clew fitting has a double swivel tang, and the tack has a square hole for use with roller reefing.

Bronze Reefing Claw

Cast in aluminium bronze, which is a very tough alloy, this product is particularly suited to its purpose, being very stiff and strong yet without excessive bulk.

Parrel Beads

Turned from Ash and treated with Linseed Oil.

Bronze Shroud and Bowsprit Plates

To ensure correct positioning of the plates to the vessel, these products are now supplied undrilled, thus allowing the fitter to drill fixing holes that correspond to the boats strong points.

Mast Bands

Cast in gunmetal, they are available with either two or four eyes.

Belaying Pins

Available in gunmetal, brass and turned ash.

Gaff Span Shackles

Available in gunmetal.

Stamped Brass Snap Shackles
Manganese Bronze Shackles
Pelican Hook

Cast in gunmetal and polished. 4” (100mm) long overall.

Track and Slides

Our track is extruded from brass and supplied in undrilled lengths of approx. 3 mtrs (10 foot). The slides are formed from brass sheet or cast in gunmetal and polished.

Internal Track and Slides
External Track and Slides

Hatch Slides

Our 3⁄4” brass tracks, 1296/BR/T/19 and 1321/BR/T/19, mate perfectly together to provide secure, smooth running hatch sliding gear.

Sliding Decklead

Cast in gunmetal with a polished finish, this decklead fits the 1” (25mm) internal track. and has a knurled thumb screw to secure it at any point of its travel.

Spinnaker Pole Slide

Cast in gunmetal with a polished finish, this spinnaker pole slide fits the 1” (25mm) internal track. A knurled thumb screw locks it at the desired position.

Spinnaker Pole End

Polished gunmetal end socket to fit to a wooden spar. Sprung piston end.

Davey Ash Blocks

Inspired by our 1928 range, we have carefully developed these blocks to have the right proportions for the efficient use with ropes from 8mm to 14mm. They are strong, simple and functional but at the same time have the beauty and elegance to enhance the finest of craft.

Key Features

  • Bindings:
  • Sheaves:
  • Bearings:
  • Shell:
  • Maintenance: 
  • Appearance:

Heavy gauge stainless steel – internal. Fixed and swivel head.
Tufnol type material as standard, aluminium bronze as an option.
Plain on oversized SS spindles to spread the load and ensure smooth running.
High quality ash, formed into a smooth oval shape and varnished.
By removing just one machine screw the block can easily be disassembled for inspection and maintenance without damaging the wooden shell.
Just beautiful!

Fixed Eye Head

Note: Triple blocks are also available to special order

Fiddle Blocks with Fixed Eye
Strop Blocks
Swivel Head
Single Stand-up Blocks

These blocks consist of a swivel block together with a stainless steel eyebolt and spring assembly

Stand-up Kits - Stainless Steel

These kits, comprising of an eye bolt, 2 pressure plates and a spring, can be ordered to convert any of our swivel ash blocks to stand up.

Tackle Hooks - Stainless Steel 316

Useful and versatile hooks with many applications on board. Available in 3 sizes. 8mm, 10mm and 12mm.

Sheaves Only

Sheaves are available separately as spares in the normal tufnol type material and also in aluminium bronze for upgrading or other uses.

Large Ash Blocks

Built to the same high standard, and similar construction method, as our smaller ash blocks but with larger ash shells in relation to the rope size, for use with larger craft. The high strength is derived from the heavy gauge stainless steel bindings and oversized spindles, on which the hard wearing ertalon sheaves run smoothly. The blocks are supplied varnished and suit ropes up to 26mm.

Single Block
Single Block & Becket
Double Block
Double Block & Becket
Triple Block
Triple Block & Becket

Bronze Blocks

Traditional all metal block with a polished cast bronze shell and eye fitted with a turned brass sheave.

Wooden Blocks with Roller Bearings

Manufactured in ash or teak with stainless steel bindings, these blocks have brass sheaves with roller bearings. Also available in larger sizes for ropes up to 20mm.

Single Block
Single Block and Becket
Double Block
Double Block and Becket



Gunmetal Snatch Blocks

These snatch blocks consist of a swivel snap shackle with gunmetal cheeks and with polished stainless steel bindings. A practical yet traditional feel snatch block with Ertalyte sheaves.

Foot/Sheet Blocks

These blocks consist of a two polished brass faces and three hollow stainless steel rivets to allow through bolting to the deck or super structure. Cam and end supports made in Gunmetal. Backing plates below decks are recommended. Available with locking cam or as a standard foot block in two sizes.

Manganese Bronze Rigging Screws

British made and available in Self Colour (SC) or Chrome Plated (CP) finish, these turnbuckles are compact and strong. Available with metric or imperial threads these are compact and easy to adjust.

Lewmar Self Tailing Winches

Lewmars Ocean winch range is the most popular winch ever made. Its styling still attracts boat builders looking for a classic look, or boat owners looking to upgrade or replace their existing winches.

  • Easy Servicing — no tools required
  • Bronze finish also available – contact your retailer
  • Convertible to electric from size 40 upwards
  • Available in Size 16 to Size 65
  • Solid construction respected by boat builders and sailors for generations
Download our Catalogue for more details

Tufnol Type Composite Laminated Blocks

These traditional laminated plastic blocks are both strong in use and competitively priced. They incorporate a strong AISI 304 stainless steel frame and brass bush bearings, and all breaking loads have been certified by Germanischer Lloyd in Hamburg. (1 daN equals approximately 1 kilo). Note, new 13mm size.

Single Block with Bow
Single Block with Eye
Single Block with Swivel
Single Block with Swivel and Becket
Single Block with Eye and Becket
Single Block with Swivel and Becket
Double Block with Bow
Double with Swivel
Double Block with Bow and Becket
Double Block with Swivel and Becket
Fiddle Blocks
Cheek Block
Cam Cleat
Cam Cleat with Lead
Single Wire Rope Block
Rope Sheave
Wire Rope Sheave

Large Tufnol Type Blocks

Manufactured to the same high standard as the smaller range, these extremely strong blocks are suitable for ropes sizes 13mm to 22mm. They are internally bound with stainless steel and come in four configurations to suit most applications. Approved by Germanischer Lloyd in Hamburg.

Single with Bow
Single with Bow and Becket
Double with Bow
Double with Bow and Becket

Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Blocks

An extremely robust range of stainless steel blocks with brass bushed tufnol type sheaves. Designed for high loads and harsh conditions, these blocks come with swivel heads and beckets as standard and are available for both rope and wire rope. As used by the Danish Navy.

Blocks for Rope
Blocks for Wire

Classic Wooden blocks

Victory collection

Combining high performance engineering and classic design, our range of wooden blocks has been designed for mariners who appreciate elegance and want technical excellence. The range has been named in honour of the flagship of the British Navy – the HMS Victory.

Crafted by sailors for sailors, the Victory blocks are manufactured in the UK from traditional ash wood, with a high gloss marine varnish finish. Victory blocks are bolted together allowing for servicing or refinishing.

The Victory collection of wooden blocks not only look good, but are highly durable and designed to withstand many years of use in harsh marine environments. The sleek style wooden plates conceal the modern technical working of Barton’s proven high performance engineering, with Delrin ball bearings, Torlon needle bearings, gun metal shaded sheave and solid brass fittings.