Deck Hardware & Exterior Fittings

Polished Bronze Portlights

These heavy duty Davey portlights are traditionally hand made in England to the highest quality and CE approved for upper hull areas and cabin sides. Supplied with outside finishing rings they are fitted with toughened glass and have a polished finish. The 8” round opening and all three oval opening portlights have two closures for additional security. Chrome plate finish and reduced spigot lengths are available to special order. 12” opening and fixed available to special order.

Windscreen Fittings

The set consists of one centre and one pair of side brackets cast in gunmetal and chrome plated. Supplied without glass.

Drip Cup

Cast in bronze with a polished finish, this new addition to our range is designed to catch condensation that can drip from portholes. Also available in chrome plated.

Portlight Rings

Cast in gunmetal with a polished finish, these flat rings are supplied as outside finishing rings with our portlights but can also be supplied seperately for use as glazing rings or other applications.

Also available chrome plated or in polished stainless steel.



Deck Lights

From the early 1900s, Davey & Company has been producing a range of deck prisms to bring natural light down below. Manufactured in England these prisms are solid glass with either flat bronze frames, where the glass is rabetted in, or deep bronze frames for thinner decks. In both cases a marine quality black mastic should be used such as a polysulphide/polyurethane/MS Polymer to improve adhesion the glass should be abraded first where the sealant touches. Frames can be chrome plated to order or, in some cases, supplied in polished stainless steel. (AIS 316).

Rabetted Deck Prisms

In this style the glass is set first into the deck using a marine quality mastic and then a flat frame is positioned over the rim of the glass and screwed down. This is only suitable where there is sufficient depth of wood to support the weight of anyone walking on it.


Round Prism


The melon has the greatest light output, but also the greatest depth, so care should be taken when fitting above walkways or other areas to ensure adequate headroom.

Deep Frame Deck Prisms

The style of this prism is ideal for thinner decks such as steel, aluminium or fibreglass. The frame is fixed to the deck first and the glass is then set into the frame from the top using a good quality marine mastic.

Deep Frame Oblong
Deep Frame Melon
Deep Frame Round Prism
Bulls Eye-Deep Frame

Cowl Vents - Cast Bronze

Heavy cast bronze cowl vents with flush bronze deck plates, produced in the UK by traditional methods. The outer surface is polished and the inside a contrasting sateen finish, which is attractive in itself but also aids internal painting if required. A securing screw is fitted to allow the vent to be locked in any position and a blanking cap and key are included for when the vent is removed. Available in two sizes. They can be chrome plated to order or supplied with a matt finish.

Cast Cowl Ventilator

Polished brass or chrome plate with optional blanking caps.

Mushroom Ventilators

Glazed Gunmetal Ventilator

A versatile vent with two glazed segments in the top admitting both light and air to the cabin. Fitted with ‘T’ handle.

Shell Ventilator

This attractive vent is especially popular for ventilating the engine area.

Half Cowl Vent

These vents are designed to be fitted to cabin sides for intakes and exhaust for ventilations.

Made from bronze and handed.

6” X 4” (H x W)

Cast Bronze Hatch

Heavy duty bronze hatch fitted with two gas springs for ease of use and safety. The lid is secured from the inside with two ring nuts locating onto drop latches.

Fitted with 8mm toughened glass. Manufactured to order.

Deck Screws - Cast Bronze

Heavy duty cast gunmetal without spigot, polished finish. Available chrome plated to order. Supplied with key.

Heavy duty cast gunmetal with BSP threaded spigot, polished finish. Available chrome plated to order. Supplied with key.

Polished brass or chrome with integral handle in cap

Brass Nameplates

Fuel Tank Vent

Drain Plug

Drain Plug Captive

Available in Water and Diesel

75mm x 62mm

Brass finish or chrome plated.

Cast in gunmetal unpolished.

Fitted with neoprene washer.

Stamped drain bungs with a captive retainer and rubber seal.


Davey & Co. produce a wide range of bronze cleats. The items on these pages are those currently in production, but other patterns and sizes are available to special order. Please enquire if the item you need is not shown here. Most gunmetal items can be chrome plated on request.

See our Catalogue for our full range

Mooring Bitt


All bollards are produced in polished bronze and can be chrome plated to order. Many can also be produced in galvanised iron in batch quantities.

Download our Catalogue for our full range

Deck Fairleads

Davey & Company produce a wide range of fairleads cast in bronze with a polished finish. In addition to those shown here, we have other patterns available for casting to special order. These fairleads can be chrome plated on request. Some fairleads can be produced in galvanised iron in batch quantities.

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Bronze Sheet & Deck Leads

A variety of polished gunmetal leads to guide sheets and control lines along decks, through coamings etc.

Part No. 9405 is based on our fitting from 1936, which we have re-introduced following requests from our customers. Supplied in polished gunmetal, this fairlead can easily be removed when not required and the gunmetal deck plate can also be used to accommodate our ash stand-up blocks.

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Bronze & Lignum Vitae Sheet Leads

Lignum Vitae bullseyes secured with phosphor bronze U-bolts or gunmetal screwdown bindings.

Coaming Leads

These leads, which are cast in gunmetal and then polished, are fitted with brass sheaves.

Ideal for passing lines through coamings they are available in single or double format.

Fender Eye Plates (Cast)

Available in square or diamond pattern, in barrelled gunmetal, polished gunmetal, and chrome plate finishes.

Fender Eye Plates (Stamped)

Available in square pattern stamped brass plates are available in self coloured, polished, and chrome plate finishes.

Lacing Hooks and Eyes (Cast)

The low profile pattern is cast in gunmetal and the standard pattern stamped in brass.

Both are also available in a chrome plate finish.

Lacing Hooks, Bridges & Rings (Stamped)

Made in the UK these low profile ‘Standard Pattern’ are stamped in brass.

Both are also available in a chrome plate finish.

Fender Eye Set

Webbing Retainers in brass

Engine Control Lever

A simple but well proven engine control lever with an effective twist lock action.

Available in polished brass or chrome plated.

Control Panels

Retractable Hook

A heavy duty hook that can be depressed when not in use.
Design to deal with high loads

Keel or Rubbing Band

Available in brass with feather edge rather than the thicker half round style. Supplied in full lengths only. Not drilled.

Forged Shackle Plates - High Load

These unique fittings in brass and manganese bronze have an extremely high strength factor, which is forged in during the manufacturing process. Ideal for use as folding pad eyes or binnacle rings, amongst many others, their non-rattle design will give years of reliable and secure service. Available in two sizes in polished finish or chrome plated.

Forged Ring Bolts - High Load

Brass bolts turned from solid bar and forged manganese bronze shackles combine to provide a unique fitting designed for high loads in the marine environment. Available in two finishes and three sizes up to 2 tonnes breaking load, this range of ring bolts offers security and reliability for many applications on and around the boat.

Binnacle Rings

Cast in brass.

Stanchion Eyebolt/Tensioner

Cast brass eyes with a stainless steel stud

Bow Eye

A heavy duty cast brass eye complete with stainless steel stud

Bronze Threaded Deck Plates

Cast in gunmetal with a polished finish, these versatile round plates are tapped for three sizes of metric thread, M8, M10 and M12. Ideal for when fitting is not always required or needs to be exchanged for an alternative. Suitable for any item with a metric thread or choose from one of the family of Davey items shown below. Available chromed to special order. More recently made in 316 Stainless Steel with a polished finish.

Eye Bolts - Bronze

Three new bronze eye bolts with studs M8, M10 and M12 to suit the deck plates above.

Ring Bolts - Forged

These very strong ring bolts have been especially adapted to suit our deck plates. The bolts are turned from solid brass bar and shackles are forged in manganese bronze.

Eye Bolts - Stainless Steel

Three sizes of eye bolts in 316 stainless steel to suit our deck plates. Other sizes available on request.

Rudder Gear

We have a large selection of rudder gear, in polished gunmetal, to suit a wide range of craft from small dinghies to larger day boats and small cruisers.

Lightweight Rudder Gear

Available in gunmetal to suit lightweight dinghies up to about 8′ long. This item is sold as a set, consisting of two transom gudgeons and two rudder pintles. The rudder pintles have an offset single strap, which can either be fitted to one side of a narrow rudder blade or within a wider one.

Wide Gauge Dinghy Rudder Gear

Suitable for the wider rudder, this set is still relatively lightweight and ideal for the heavier, small to medium size dinghy.

Standard Duty Rudder Gear 19mm

Sold as a 4-part set or as separate items as shown this is the only rudder set using 7/16 pins.

Standard Duty Rudder Gear 25/44/56mm

Available in cast and polished gunmetal in three sizes all with 1/2” pins so all use the same Transom fittings. Sold as a 4-part set or individually.

Heavy Duty Rudder Gear

Cast in gunmetal for the larger day boat or small cruiser, this range has heavy duty straps and 1⁄2” pins for additional strength. The rudder gudgeon is canted by approximately 3 degrees.

Dinghy Forged Brass Rudder Gear

This rudder gear is hot forged in the UK which produces strong and accurate fittings ideal for dinghies.

Bronze Good Fortune Stars

A star on board encourages positive energy. It can make good things better and stops bad things getting worse. These stars are heavy cast bronze and available in three sizes, either polished finish or chrome plated. Supplied in presentation box complete with fixing screw.

Straight Flag Sockets
Raked Flag Sockets
Raked with Cleat and Button
Dutch Style
Boom Crutch Sockets
Oar Clamp

A very useful device for securing your oars to the dinghy when it is left unattended. A hole is drilled through the thwart and the clamp passes through gripping the oars under it’s arms, a padlock then secures everything in place under the thwart. An optional socket is available to finish the hole neatly. Cast in bronze and polished.

Stemhead Fitting

Cast in gunmetal with a polished finish, this strong stemhead fitting takes the load down the front of the stem and is suitable for craft up to around 18 foot.

Lightweight Stemhead Fitting

Cast in gunmetal this stemhead fitting is suitable for dinghies up to around 12 foot.

Side Fitting Stemhead Roller

Available in polished gunmetal to suit chain from 1⁄4” to 3⁄8”. The outer cheek curves inwards to help chain retention. Now supplied with axle bolt for extra security.

Centre Fitting Stemhead Roller

Cast in gunmetal this fitting will suit a wide variety of foredecks. The base of the larger size has a small lip to the front.

Heavy Duty Bow Roller

Cast in gunmetal this fitting will suit a wide variety of foredecks. Designed for Fastening through the deck – Roller Bronze. Drilled for a top retaining pin (not supplied).

Anchor Chocks

These universal anchor chocks can be used with a wide range of anchors. These can be configured in any layout to suit the requirements and size of the anchor you have.

Bought as a set or as individual components to suite your needs. Manufactured in Gunmetal and polished finish. Can be chromed on request.

Chain Pipes

Brass Dinghy Anchor

Made in the UK – this Fishermans style anchor is quick to assemble and use, but packs away to a very small foot print. Made in brass with wide flukes to ensure good holding. This is ideal for Dinghy’s.

Brass/Chrome Plated Captive Rowlocks

Made in the UK – these captive rowlocks are forged from high grade brass and then supplied chrome plated as a pair. This means loosing rowlocks over board can be a thing of the past. They fold back on a double fold stem. This means they do not hit the side of the boat when not in use. NOTE – Sold As Pairs

We have a wide variety of galvanised and gunmetal rowlocks to suit most rowing craft. All come complete with sockets, which we also list separately for ordering as spares or additions. Please note that we supply rowlocks as singles, not as pairs.

Gunmetal Rowlocks

Gunmetal rowlocks are a delightful addition to any fine rowing craft. It should be noted however that as this is a softer material it is not suitable for heavy rowing. If additional strength is required, moving up to a larger size would be worth considering.

Extra Sockets

Galvanised Rowlocks

Captive Rowlocks

Bronze Stanchions

Cast in gunmetal and with a polished finish, these tapered stanchions are 27mm at the base and are available in three heights. A choice of three styles of socket are available to suit.

Bronze Stanchion Bases

We offer 3 styles of bases in polished gunmetal to suit the 1655 stanchions. Surface mount deck base with arm and securing pin hole. Height:21⁄2 65mm

Flush base with securing screw to prevent stanchion jumping out.

Diameter: 23⁄4”69mm
Depth:21⁄4 ” 54mm

Bronze Stanchions with Fixed Base

Cast in one piece, this polished bronze stanchion has a round base and ball top for a single wire. The round base has 4 countersunk fixing holes.

Side mounting socket for attaching to the gunwhale or other vertical surfaces. This keeps the deck clear and allows for some height adjustment.

Height: 5” 69mm
Width: 3” 54mm

Handrail Stanchions

Cast in brass with a choice of styles. All types can be supplied chrome plated to special order.

Lighter Pattern

Cast in brass with a choice of styles. All types can be supplied chrome plated to special order.

Boat Badge

The finishing touch for a small dinghy or launch, this badge is sandblasted ready for painting. Traditionally, the hollow centre would frame a miniature picture of the club or owners burgee.

Boathooks and Staves

Boathook ends are cast in gunmetal with a polished finish.

‘Grabit’ Boathook

The original, and still the best boathook for attaching a line to a mooring buoy or ring. Cast in aluminium bronze, which is as tough as steel, one sweep with the grabit leaves the boat secure whilst a permanent mooring is attached.

Boarding Ladder Set

4 piece set in polished bronze with optional hinges and spare eyes.

Boarding Ladder Set

Cast in gunmetal and polished.