Deck Head Lights - ‘Jelly Mould’

These high quality period lights are now available in a variety of versions that can be mixed throughout the boat for maximum practicality and uniformity. Utilising the same genuine frosted glass, the heavy cast brass housing can be supplied with or without switch and in a choice of finishes. Suitable for many kinds of traditional craft.
• With or without switch
• Polished brass, chrome or nickel plate
• Full back case or low profile
• Fitted LED’s 12v – 30v as standard
• Red/White option for night vision

Deep cast brass base for surface mounting. Available with switch on the side or without switch. Fitted warm white LED 165 lm.

Night Vision (with switch)

This light is the same construction as the switched 0392 above, but comes fitted with a red/white LED. When first switched on it always displays the red light first to preserve your night vision. If white light is required, simply turn off and on again and the white light will come on. No special wiring is required.

Low Profile (without switch)

This low profile version is ideal for when headroom is restricted as it has a projection of only 11⁄2″ (40mm), which is 3⁄4″ (18mm) less than the standard light. To achieve this a flat stainless steel base is utilised which is concealed by the same brass bezel and glass as above. Fitted warm white 165 lm. No switch.

Art Deco Interior Lights

Two styles of attractive period lights with genuine moonstone glass. The 0330 has a chrome back plate and the 7502 has a front silver trim. Both are fitted with 2 warm white LED’s (1 x 210 lm and 1 x 60 lm) to give a pleasing even light.

Weatherproof Bulkhead Light Without Guard

A new version of our bulkhead light for when a guard is not required, ideal for saloon or bathroom lighting. Available polished brass with clear glass or chromed with frosted glass. SBC lamp holder.

Suggested LED 6001/12/60 60 lm.

Weatherproof Guarded Light (bulkhead fitting)

Similar to the above, this light is of all brass construction with a 90 degree bracket for fixing to a bulkhead.

Suggested LED 6001/12/60 60 lm.

Weatherproof Guarded Light

This traditional light is of all brass construction with a polished finish. The strong guard screws onto a seal in the base and protects the clear glass. Suggested LED 6001/12/60 60 lm.

Weatherproof Guarded Bulkhead Light

Cast in brass with traditionally wired hinged door secured with three brass swing bolts with wing nuts on to a rubber seal. Polished outer surface and fitted with clear glass, SBC bulb holder and brass cable gland. This is a deluxe, hand made light of unique character. Suggested LED 6001/12/60.

Bulkhead Light - Powder Coated

Cast in aluminium and fitted with an SBC buld holder, cable gland and front seal. Powder coated either white with clear glass and brass gland or matt black with frosted glass and chrome gland. Suggested LED 6001/12/60.

Mast Light - New Style

A new development of this classic light now means that it can be wired directly to 110/220v AC. Ideal for larger vessels where mains voltage is often installed or for smaller boats linked to shore power. Also suitable for pontoons and shore side lighting, avoiding the need to fit a transformer.

12v/24v DC supply versions available as before.

Cast in bronze with a choice of finishes or in anodised aluminium. The base of the light is angled up 10 degrees to aid the throw of light and a hinged glazed door with a seal is fitted. Back gasket also included. Rated IPX5

Mast Light - 110/220v AC

Available rear wired only with a GU10 lamp holder included, which offers the opportunity of selecting from a wide range of LED’s in terms of angle and strength of light. This makes it possible to fit the correct LED taking into account the height the light is mounted from the surface to be lit and the spread and light brightness required.

Mast Light - 12v/24v DC

Available for wiring through a top water tight gland or through the back, this light is supplied with a G4 lamp holder for low voltage LED’s of varying degrees of spread and brightness.

Step Light

Recessed step or bulkhead light with heavy ribbed glass and polished cast brass guard. Also available in chrome. Fitted SBC bulb holder which can accept our 60 lm LED 6001/12/60. Projection only 1″ (25mm).


A simple and practical oil lamp, made in stainless steel and incorporating a heat shield, shade and carrying loop. This is a go anywhere, use anywhere lamp. Fitted with a Perko burner on a 325ml reservoir.

Height: 330mm
Burn Time: 20 hours

Brass Gimbal Lamp

Manufactured from brass, which is then polished and lacquered and fitted with a burner with 1″ wide wick. The weighted font holds 350ml of fuel and will keep the lamp burning for approximately 24 hours. Complete with smoke shade and arm. Overall Height: 91⁄2″ (240mm). Projection: 61⁄4″ (160mm).

Globe Lamp

Constructed of solid brass in traditional style. The glass globe is 7″ (175mm) in diameter and the round burner gives an even bright light. The oil reservoir holds 250ml and will burn for approximately 35 hours.

Dietz Hurricane Lamps

The original deck, cabin or emergency oil lamp. Available in tinned steel or black finish for low cost general purpose lighting. Also available in a higher quality all brass construction for longer life.

Oil container 210ml.
Burn time approx 11 hours.

Navigation Lights - Oil

Traditionally made oil lights in unlacquered copper with brass fitments. They will run on paraffin or lamp oil and will complement any traditional craft.

Fitted with 4″ (100mm) dioptric lens.

Brass Navigation Lights

This range of cast brass navigation lights are approved by the Italian RINA for boats up to 12 metres. They are supplied complete with 12v 18w bulbs and are available brass or chrome finish.

Miniature Navigation Lights

Cast in gunmetal with a polished finish and also available chrome plated. These electric navigation lights have a plain lens and SBC bulb holder. Available in masthead and stern.


Flush switch rated at 2 amps. Optional back plate 11⁄2″ x 2″ in brass or chrome.

Spare Glasses

We can supply spare glasses for many of the lights we sell. Please select from the table below by lamp number.

Lamp Wick

Supplied by the metre.

Replacement LED’s

All our LED’s are warm white to preserve as much as possible the integrity of our traditional lights. They all work on a voltage range from 10 volts to 30 volts and offer a significant power saving over standard filament and halogen bulbs and are often interchangable with them. Other variations are available on request.