Custom Work

Over recent years we have been approached many times to repair, replicate or create fittings that are no longer in current production.  Our small batch manufacturing is ideal for this bespoke work and we have the skills and facilities to take a project from a drawing or a broken item, through to the finished product; even one-off’s are possible.


Step 1.              We need sight of the item in question.  This can be by photo of the broken or remaining item or a simple sketch of the new design required.


Step 2.              We will assess what needs to be done in terms of patterning, casting, machining, polishing and assembly.  This will include the choice of material and possible design changes, especially if the original item has broken in service.  All to be discussed with the client.


Step 3.              A quote of cost and time will be offered for consideration.


Recent projects:

  • A set of rudder gear in bronze, based on the clients old steel set.

  • 2 bronze hatches designed and built for the clients new boat.

  • 6 x 330mm diameter fly screens designed to suit the clients portlights.

  • 100’s of fittings restored, repaired and replicated for a boatyard specialising in yacht restoration.  

  • Plus many others.